We Invest to Scale and to Disrupt

Based in Orange County – central to the SoCal Startup ecosystem, Elementz Ventures scales disruptive technology startups by providing smart investment to brilliant founders, with the ultimate goal of achieving impactful outcomes for startups and investors.

We look for exceptional founding teams that dare to be different and back it up with execution capability. Brilliance is a rare combination of deep expertise and outstanding leadership characteristics.

We invest in software technology business and consumer early-stage companies primarily in N. America and Southeast /East Asia. We focus on business end-markets that have tangible values as well as products that provide value to a customer and they are willing to pay for that value.

We seek disruptive companies that have the ability to break the mold of the status quo. They are capable and are positioning themselves to disrupt the marketplace with their innovative product or business model and scale dramatically.

Adding Value to Our Investment

We have the ability and intent to provide exceptional smart resources to startups to maximize their growth and ROI potential.  This is done by providing deal access, superior resources, practical expertise, targeted sectors,  founder-friendly and efficient management. Our intent and philosophy are not just to invest money but and assure startups scale. In short, Elementz Ventures is smart and hands-on, systematically dedicating more expertise, time, and effort into portfolio management.

Deal Sourcing 

Exhaustive Due Diligence
Elementz ensures smart investments through a proprietary process for thorough vetting, due diligence, and startup selection process. We look at local (SoCal) and global sources to ensure that every investable startup prospect that fits our thesis is identified and vetted.

Superior Resources  

Our Network – Ability to Bridge
We not only provide capital but additional resources in leadership, exposure, network, and market penetration. Our strong network of partners and advisors have worked with 100’s of startups and possess the expertise for making a startup successful.

Practical Expertise  

Real World rather than Theory
We have exceptional real-world expertise on how to execute with the product, technology, strategy, marketing, and sales. Our veteran team understands the end game and can help move a company to the next stage. 

Agile and Friendly

Our Culture – Good Guys & Efficient
Elementz is always founder-friendly and the founders get support and guidance from the start to exit. Elementz knows agile and is efficient in keeping its costs low so that it can maximize return for its investors.

Are You a Game Changer?


Our primary focus is in N. America & Asia, where we target investment in early-stage and growth-stage startups. We love companies that leverage innovative software technologies to disrupt the marketplace for the greater good.

Our Team – Global Perspective


 Our team consists of veterans from the startup, corporate, and technology worlds. Because of our global reach and backgrounds, we have the ability to open doors globally to startups and investors. This allows for technology transfer and rapid scalability for startups.

Our Experience

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We Invest, You Disrupt