Elementz Story

We appreciate the value of brilliant people behind a great idea with the right guidance

It started with an idea: If we could invest in some of these startups that we are already working with, we can scale them to unprecedented levels of impact and success. Elementz Ventures is the culmination of people with this shared vision coming together.
Having worked with 100’s of startups between us, we are uniquely placed in identifying and partnering with brilliant founders for rapid outcomes. With our collective experience in designing & developing products, defining & executing their strategy, and driving marketing & expansion outcomes, we offer unparalleled breadth and relevance of support.
Elementz Ventures sees a compelling opportunity in bringing to life game-changing technology solutions while closely mentoring teams over the next several years, with an uncompromising vision to be the exceptional VC in empowering entrepreneurs to disrupt the status quo and improve lives.


Niall McSheffrey
Managing Partner
Laura Xiao
Venture Partner
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Derek Kwik
Brave Soldier Ventures
Roland Yau
CoCoon Ignite Ventures
Adam Homsi
Charles S. Levy
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