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We are Looking for Disruptive Innovators

Elementz Ventures’ targets investments in early-stage startups. We invest in founders with a compelling vision backed by disruptive technology and market validation, with outstanding business and industry acumen to ensure long-term sustainability. Elementz ensures smart investments through a systemized and thorough vetting, due diligence, and startup selection process. We look at local (SoCal) and global sources to ensure that every investable startup prospect that fits our thesis is identified and vetted. We spend meaningful time in getting to know founders, product due diligence, and market research and then use a unique qualitative and quantitative scoring process to assess.

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    Based on the market opportunities in N. America and E/SE Asia, the fund will focus on these regions. The reason for the N. American and E/SE Asia focus is because of the partner’s and venture partner’s familiarity and experience in these regions in particular and secondly, a majority of the Venture Capital funds that were invested in both Asia and the USA were focused on these regions.

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    Stage of Growth

    We target investments in early-stage startups. For early-stage, Elementz defines the company to have market validation, user feedback, and a fully-developed prototype of its product or service. There is full confidence in product-market fit and demonstrated ability to execute is essential. A company at this stage has begun operations but may or may not yet be at the point of commercial sales or revenue. However later in the early stage we are expecting strong revenues and substantial growth potential.

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    We invest in technology companies leveraging a digital platform based on (but not limited to)
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning 
    • Technologies around Big Data
    • Cloud & mobile applications
    • SaaS and ERP systems 
    • Core software

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    Elementz focuses on companies in both the B2B and B2C marketplace. Viable verticals include Fintech, Logistics, Enterprise (ERP), Digital Marketing (AdTech), InsurTech, HealthTech, Security, EdTEch, Consumer & Shopping/Ecommerce verticals as well as companies that focus on Sustainability. While vertical nuance is a strong consideration, we maintain a view that the strength of the team, model, technology and impact may override industry preferences.

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    We in disruptive companies that are breaking the mold of the status quo – this means that they are both market-dominant and rapidly scalable. They are capable and are positioning themselves to disrupt the marketplace with their innovative product or business model. It is critical that the company needs to show potential for market dominance. A scalable startup is designed by intent from day one to become a large company. The founders believe they have a big idea—one that can grow to $100 million or more in annual revenue—by either disrupting an existing market and taking customers from existing companies or creating a new market. 

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    We look for exceptional founding teams that dare to be different and can back it up with execution capability. Deep industry experience, previous startup outcomes or technology expertise are important considerations. Integrity and the ability to lead top-class teams are paramount characteristics while being passionate and commercially astute is a rare combination we seek. True to our principle that exceptional founders can navigate between models, features and markets; there will be ample consideration towards what we consider core founder qualities such as resourcefulness, perseverance and the ability to learn and adapt quickly.

We Invest, You Disrupt