It started with an idea

If we could invest in the very same startups that we are already working with, we can scale them to unprecedented levels of impact and success.

For the last 10 years, I have tirelessly helped startups birth their ideas through strategy, design and the development of their products. Whether it was mobile apps, eCommerce platforms, large websites or enterprise (ERP) projects we did them all. First, when I was living in Phoenix later in Los Angeles I slowly grew an offshore development team of agile developers, project managers and designers in the Philippines. However, more than a few times I wanted to be on the other side of the table as either the founder of the startup or as an investor. I saw all the gaps and opportunities to help accelerate these startups and I would find myself delivering a great software product. But more than often I would see the startup languishing because of either lack of funding or not having a clearly defined market strategy or just the inability to execute.

There is one startup stands out in particular ( without naming it). These guys were pioneering a new vertical with a brilliant idea within the shared economy space. The branding and execution were superior to their competitor and we excelled as their technology partners. However, because of the structure of the startup and the team’s inexperience in marketing, the startup was handicapped. In the end the main investor pulled out as they wanted early profits before true traction could take place – we all knew it would take several years and more investment before they would generate significant growth. As a consequence, the startup didn’t make it but 5 years later, their competitor became a unicorn in the shared economy space valued at over $800M in 2019.

This is where the idea for Elementz Ventures was born. For the last two years I have been working to turn this idea into reality. Elementz Ventures is the culmination of people coming together with this shared vision. Each of us bring our unique capabilities to Elementz.

Having worked with 100’s of startups before, we are uniquely placed in identifying and partnering with brilliant founders for disruptive outcomes. Our collective experience in designing and developing products, defining and executing their strategy, and driving marketing and expansion outcomes, offers unparalleled breadth and relevance of support.

Elementz Ventures sees a compelling opportunity to find game-changing business solutions in the technology space here in Asia and in the USA. As we invest and mentor startups over the next several years, we have an uncompromising vision to be an exceptional VC in empowering entrepreneurs to disrupt the status quo and improve lives.